The West Wing

Location: Cardiff

Project Details:

The West Wing is the place to be if you’re studying in Cardiff! Located smack bang in the middle of Cardiff University, University of South Wales and the vibrant city centre. Purchasing two fully enclosed outdoor pods, The West Wing were looking to provide multifunctional locations for their students to utilise all year round- and they found the perfect product. 

How did you find dealing with TMPC?

“We barely knew we they were here! The pods were installed in one day with no disruption to my staff or residents. Overall, a very satisfying experience.”

How has it changed the way your students work?

“The pods provide our students with the opportunity to work more dynamically in small groups – without having to be quiet in the larger study areas. The pods offer privacy and a novelty factor of being inside whilst outside at the same time as being comfortable and well equipped with power,  lighting and heat.”

What’s the best thing about your pods?

“The pods add a point of difference to The West Wing – a wow factor which makes us more memorable to prospective future residents.”

How do you find the acoustics?

“All fine- great for meetings”

How much are the pods used?

“Nearly all day, every day. We have a booking system, and the pods are normally on a 3-4 day waiting period!”

About Us

The Meeting Pod Co manufactures and sells Indoor and Outdoor Office Pods to provide meeting space and breakout areas for office, commercial, healthcare and educational workplaces or campuses.

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