In 2024, we at The Meeting Pod Company are pledging to remove a minimum of 1 ton of waste found on beaches around the Isle Of Wight as part of our new project called ‘washed up’, that’s the same weight as an average fully grown male Polar Bear!

The Isle Of Wight is known for it’s award winning beaches and we want to keep it that way! We will achieve our pledge through at least 1 visit per month throughout 2024 to different beaches across the island by members of staff and local volunteers. We will be scouring sand, sea and stones to remove waste and debris from the beaches. Waste found will then be brought back to Pod HQ and will be identified, separated and weighed. If the item can be recycled we will dispose of correctly through our recycling waste management protocol. Other items that cannot be recycled will either be reused or disposed of correctly.

The idea of ‘Washed Up’ emphasises the importance of manufacturing furniture on the Island. In 2024 we plan to manufacture all our indoor pod table bases from ‘Washed Up’ materials found in our deep beach cleanses. This project will also challenge us as a business to think differently around design. Internally manufacturing across 5 sectors, its important to push the boundaries of our teams capabilities to turn waste into furniture. Having a modular product will stretch the available resources found in waste, with no guarantee that two finds will be the same, its important a fixed design can be flexible in material.

We also plan on creating fun and quirky products from the ‘Washed Up’ items that we can deliver to local schools across the island such as coat hooks & door stops.

Progress will be tracked and updated across our socials in the upcoming months, so make sure you keep a look out. If you would like to help us in this amazing project please feel free to DM us, alternatively email

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