De Beauvoir Block

Location: De Beauvoir, London

Project Details 

De Beauvoir Block has established itself at the heart of the creative industry of East London De Beauvoir. Offering likeminded creatives a space to meet, share and grow. They offer a range of Cafe, Studio and Dedicated Desk memberships to suit everyone’s co-working needs. Offering private workspaces for companies both big and small. 

De Beauvoir Block purchased two fully enclosed container boxes, for the purposes of private meeting spaces for our new co working area. After the pods had been in their new home for 2 months and used by the members, The Block went on to purchase two additional pods for more of their members to enjoy. 

How did you find dealing with The Meeting Pod Co? 

The Meeting Pod Co are great. Really quick responses if ever we have any small issues crop up. Really helpful throughout the whole process from browsing to installation.

What made you choose The Meeting Pod Co’s container boxes? 

We loved the look of them. Very unique and great value for money.

How has it changed the way your users work?

My tenants no longer have to leave their working area to have a private meeting space which has improved the working experience.

What’s the best thing about your pods? 

We love the way they look. Being able to customise the pods in order for them to effortlessly fit in with the aesthetic of the room and not just feel like a practical but ugly addition in the room. 

How do you find the acoustics? 

The acoustics were great. My tenants are able to take private meetings in a public setting without feeling conscious of others around them.

How much are the pods used? 

All day every day. They have proven themselves to be very popular among our members working in that office. 

About Us

The Meeting Pod Co manufactures and sells Indoor and Outdoor Office Pods to provide meeting space and breakout areas for office, commercial, healthcare and educational workplaces or campuses.

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